Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Perspective Work

I just scanned absolutely  almost everything I have done at Ringling, so expect many pictures.

This is just some of my major assignments from my Drawing I course

 Two Point Inventive Exterior. We had to make a figure destroying a building, so I made a chain reaction that started with a bird pooping and ended with a car crash.

A two point inventive interior. A Samurai exile living in a Caribbean island; just because I miss my home. This actually got submitted to a class-contest my perspective teacher did, so this here image got sent to some guy named Doug from Disney and he picked a winning piece. 
Last perspective assignment: an inventive exterior done using three point perspective. A Star Wars themed roller coaster collapses when the AT-AT that supports it moves. Done in ink wash and pens. We picked the best in the class and mine got tied in for third place. It was cool. 

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  1. You officially win at perspective. Congratulation, dawg. That star wars piece is so epic it makes me tear up a little bit. SO... COOL.