Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Character Design Dump

Herro! So I decided to do one big update with the rest of the character design work I've been doing this  summer. This was my last week taking CGMA's Fundamentals of Character Design class and it was a great experience. I barely found any student's reactions to the courses so I'll talk about it briefly, just in case some of you might be interesting in taking one of their classes. Basically, it's an 8-week boot camp  and you get pre-recorded lectures, live Q&A sessions, and personal video crits from your teacher every single week. I really liked the experience and I feel like I did learn a lot; I am glad I actually decided to take it. It's great because the way it's structured feels like an actual classroom: you get feedback from your classmates, you get to crit their work, and you get to actually talk with your teacher. Overall, it's just pretty cool and I highly recommend it.

The dragons above were done for an assignment where we had to design a dragon and its rider using both a realistic and graphic approach. As you can see, my realistic one turned out to be more cartoony and my graphic one to be more realistic. But, oh well, I still had fun. Also, I still don't know how dragons work, sorry.

I also forgot how to perspective, that's cool. But it was fun working on compositions and experimenting with negative space, yay.

 I didn't know how raccoons worked either, so I did a bunch of raccoon sketches before even thinking about designing one. Also, they walk really weird.
And then I did some stuff for fun, like this buff, badass chick. 
...and these Frank Franzetta master copies. 



  1. So darn good! I'm gushing all over your realistic approach <3. Keep at it!

  2. I love it~!! Your drawings are really entertaining to look at, so much personality!!